Expert Experience in Providing Advice to the Chair, Boards and Directors

Board Portfolio offers services on a one-to-one basis to Boards and their Directors to improve performance. 

Having worked with boards exclusively for the past 10 years, we understand what makes the difference between a functional, and an outstanding board.  We are able to assist with issues of Board composition, procedures, dynamics and performance review.

What sets Board Portfolio apart from other advisers, registers or board consultants? The depth of our experience as Board Consultants and Advisers would be hard to beat. We have an enviable position in the Board Advisory market through:

  • Truly independant, specialist knowledge and access to an exclusive talent pool of international and national Chair, Directors, Non-Executive Directors & Advisors.
  • Extensive market intelligence, strong reputation for identifying new breed, high potential Directors who have not yet achieved a public profile.
  • An unmatched reputation and contacts in the female Non-Executive Director market to address gender diversity on Boards.

Client Sensitive & Exclusive Offering

We are particularly attuned to our client's needs, meaning that we can offer:

  • Fair and competitive Board search fee structures, with exclusive terms of business for Not-For-Profit Boards and Start-Up Businesses
  • Comparisons and confidential benchmarking services across Boards based on our diverse client base and experience in assembling Boards of Directors across the region.
  • Tailored and confidential approaches to individual assignments; flexible team approach, built to suit your specific needs.

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