Advisory Board Syndicates
Advisory Board Syndicates. Direct access to Business Leaders & Top Director Talent. Fast-Track your organisation's Success.

Board Portfolio Advisory Board Syndicates

An Advisory Board Syndicate is a pre-assembled specialist advisory board.  Each syndicate is represented by Australia’s most successful business leaders, each personally hand-picked and selected by Kylie Hammond, founder of Board Portfolio. Our aim is to create a dream team of talented business advisors with specific experience and credentials for businesses at all stages of their life cycle; including SME's, Private Companies, ASX-listed organisations as well as advisory boards which are exclusively designed to support Start-Up Businesses, undergoing capital raising, partnering with private equity firms or poised for rapid growth.

Advisory Boards, Access Experience, Knowledge & Wisdom

An Advisory Board is a body that advises either the existing Board of Directors, the management of a corporation, but does not have authority to vote on corporate matters and does not have fiduciary responsibilities. Many new or small businesses choose to have an advisory board in order to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others, but to not encumber them with the rigors of a more formal board of directors.

There is a growing talent pool of directors in the Australian market that prefer advisory board opportunities to non-executive director appointments. Business is complex and you need wisdom and experience to make it succeed and thrive in today’s changing market place.  Setting up a quality board of directors for your organisation can cost anywhere from $300,000 upwards however a Board Portfolio Advisory Board Syndicate enables you to access the wisdom and experience of a group of Australia’s most successful business leaders at a fraction of the cost. 

Regular Monthly Access, Boardroom Governance, Critical Business Planning

Once a month you will have regular access to your quality advisory board who will develop intimate knowledge and understanding of your business, your key issues and your plans for future business growth.

Your exclusive Advisory Board will work directly with you and your organisation for a 2 hour, one-on-one confidential boardroom session which may also include critical business planning at key points in your company's journey.  This laser sharp, well prepared regular monthly meeting will enable you to tap into extraordinary business expertise and together you will chart a course for your company’s success. 

Your Board Portfolio Advisory Board Syndicate will ensure that you are making progress each month, achieving your goals and will guide you to ensure you are on the right path. Business strategy, business planning, sales and marketing plans, customer relationship management, robust financial review, capital and equity programs, business expansion and people management issues can be addressed confidentially with your board who are there to support you and your team, offering sound commercially robust advice, business experience and wise counsel.

Secure Your Exclusive Advisory Board Today!

Applications for organisations seeking to utilise the benefits of Board Portfolio’s Advisory Boards are open now. For more information on how you can access the board that is right for your organisation, call 1300 BOARDS. Each Advisory Board Syndicate only works with a very exclusive and limited number of companies each year; don't delay to secure your new advisory board today. Please contact Kylie Hammond on (02) 9922 6175 for more information.


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