Corporate Talent, Combined with Entrepreneurial Spirit, Corporate Governance & Financial Expertise

Harry Hodge
Theo Kotselas, CPA, B.Econs

Dynamic Sydney-based, 2 x Member Advisory Board Team. High Calibre Corporate Talent combined with Entrepreneurial Spirit, experienced in International Business Expansion, Capital Raising, Corporate Governance & Robust Financial Expertise. Specialists in SME's, Start-Up Business, eCommerce & Technology Business and Capital Raising Programs. Exceptional Entrepreneurial expertise and capabilities. To enquire about engaging Advisory Board Syndicate #11 for your exclusive Board of Advisors, please email us for confidential assessment.  


Harry Hodge

Harry is an experienced CEO, Chairman and Executive Director and is one of the founders of the modern global board sports phenomenon, playing a pivotal role in enabling the Quiksilver brand in Europe to grow from a $1m a year business in 1984 to a $600m enterprise in 2003. Harry is currently Executive Chairman of Ksubi, a men’s and women’s denim fashion label, Non-Executive Director of Dashluxe - an Australian premium fashion E Commerce Business, the founding president of EuroSIMA, and Director of both SurfAID International & Australia and Surfing New South Wales.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Objective and Strategy Development
  • Focusing and Motivating People
  • Product & Brand Development
  • Sales, Marketing and Operations
  • Global Retailing, eCommerce Specialist
  • Building Top Performing Teams

Theo Kotselas

Theo is a corporate business advisor with over 30 years’ experience in his privately owned company Archangel Wealth.  Theo has senior experience in governance, guidance and successful, well defined business strategies and is adept at developing efficient corporate structures to minimise tax, create wealth and protect assets. As a company Non-Executive Director or Advisor, Theo has both the expertise and corporate acumen to mentor and monitor businesses to achieve their financial goals. Theo’s experience and financial expertise has assisted, guided and mentored hundreds of SME’s to reach significant increases in profits and has enabled them to create, increase and protect their wealth.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Certified Practicing Accountant
  • Experienced Board Member
  • Corporate Governance and Leadership
  • Proven SME Profit Growth
  • Restructuring Corporate Structures
  • Capital Raising & Tax Structures
  • Business Mentoring and Advisor

For more information about working with this Advisory Board Syndicate please contact us via email, or phone Mike Hayes on (02) 9922 6175 for a confidential discussion. 

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