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Kylie Hammond, the Founder of Board Portfolio recognised the growing trend of a select talented group of senior executives seeking a more proactive approach to career and board management. This new career structure may include a portfolio of Board Appointments, Non-Executive Directorships, Director roles, and seeking employment that provides a mixture of equity and cash instead of traditional forms of remuneration. In response to this trend, Kylie founded the Board Portfolio and the Executive Entrepreneur Club. She designed a number of unique, sophisticated, and exclusive Board and Executive Portfolio Programs that can be tailored to individual senior executives' needs. Board Portfolio offers our most senior clients an exclusive, invitation-only approach to managing their Executive & Board careers.  

Board Search & Board Advisory Services

Board Portfolio is a world class Board Search and Board Advisory firm with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. We have developed and maintain an exclusive powerful network of Board candidates that is always an initial source of discussion with our clients, with a focus on the 'new breed' of board director capable of dealing with today's directorship issues and challenges.

Beyond this, we have a highly developed research capacity, excellent contacts and director networks across Boards in Australia, and a reputation for creativity and analytical ability that allows us to identify candidates from 'outside the square'. All of our candidate shortlists will include a diversity of qualified people to encourage the client to consider real options for improving the quality of Board composition. Our Board Search and Board Advisory services are guaranteed.

Our exclusive Board Search services are charged on a set fee basis, which is negotiated with the client prior to commencement. This fee is dependent on the remuneration paid for the position, the scope of search required and the extent of assistance required from Board Portfolio. Our Board Search and Board Advisory services can range from simply providing a ‘prompt’ list for a Nominating Committee to a full Board Search service with advice on appointment and remuneration. For Not-For-Profit clients we are able to negotiate acceptable fees, in line with their charter. Exclusive terms of business are also offered to Start-Up businesses during the capital raising process.

Board Appointments, Open the Door to the Boardroom

Whether you are seeking your first Board Appointment or are already an experienced Board Director wishing to expand your Board portfolio, we have a Board Portfolio program for you. There is a growing trend towards executives having a portfolio of Board Appointments, Non Executive Directorships, Director roles, and seeking employment that provides a mixture of equity (script) and cash instead of traditional forms of remuneration. 

Effectively, almost all Executive & Board Search and Recruitment firms in Australia choose only to represent the interests of the hiring company. For individuals who want to manage, lead and take control of their career and board directorships, this innovative approach from Board Portfolio is a market-leading, exclusive Talent Agent & Executive Career Management Service.  We partner closely with you to develop your career and board portfolio, identify upcoming organisations in your chosen field, highlight specific career and business opportunities. We provide useful market intelligence and work closely with you through to negotiating and finalising your next major employment opportunity, subsequent board appointments or expand your existing board portfolio.  Delivered exclusively by Kylie Hammond, our Board Portfolio programs will assist senior executives in identifying the types of opportunities that they would be best suited to. 

With 20+ years of experience Kylie is regarded as a leading 'career guru', and specialist in the career coaching field.  A successful entrepreneur in her own right, Kylie is experienced in identifying, attracting and retaining world-class business leaders with outstanding track records to create true competitive advantage. She has helped executives at all levels change careers, achieve promotions, negotiate improved salary packages and implement work-life balance strategies that make a significant difference.  

Exclusive & Confidential Programs

Kylie's confidential Board and Executive Career Management support has helped hundreds of senior executives execute highly confidential career moves, implement a portfolio of employment and business activity, secure Non Executive Director and Director level Board Appointments, as well Not-For-Profit opportunities, Public Speaking, Coaching and Mentoring engagements to create a fulfilling and exciting career portfolio.  Providing a unique experience, and extraordinary levels of passion, Kylie is committed to each and every coaching engagement. We have an extensive range of Board Portfolio Programs to choose from, that include: 

Exclusive Invitation Only Offerings

By only accepting assignments that Kylie feels professionally competent to fulfill, and partnering with only a few clients in each industry sector to ensure the highest level of service and ongoing commitment can be given to each client, Kylie Hammond provides a high calibre service.

Let us assist you in your Board Search for a Board Equity, Executive Director or Non Executive Directors position. Please contact us for any Board Advisory Services and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

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