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Board Equity Portfolio Program. Achieving Greatness and Innovation with High Growth Companies...

Board Equity Portfolio, Executive Director, Non-Executive Director, Advisor

Whether you are seeking your first Board Appointment or are already an experienced Board Director wishing to expand your Board portfolio, the Board Equity Portfolio Program is for you. There is a growing trend towards executives having a portfolio of Board Appointments, Non-Executive Directorships, Director roles, and seeking employment that provides a mixture of equity (script) and cash instead of traditional forms of remuneration. 

Delivered and developed exclusively by Kylie Hammond, this unique Board Equity Portfolio Program will be tailored to your needs, (executive director or non-executive director) and includes in-depth consultation to help you identify the types of Board Equity Portfolio opportunities that you would be best suited to. A complete online profile will be designed for you to help secure enquiries for these types of unique board equity, executive director and non-executive director, employment opportunities.

Board Equity Portfolio - Exclusive Partnership with the Australian Small Scale Offering Board

Being involved with high-growth companies at an early stage can be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Many of the companies listed on the Australian Small Scale Offering Board (ASSOB) have positions open for experienced executive directors, non-executive directors, board members and specialists, who can guide them through their development stage.  

Established in 1997, ASSOB is now one of the largest introducers of private investment to early-stage, high-growth companies through its network of accredited Sponsors, and works within and relies upon, the regulatory environment imposed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Corporations Act 2001.  ASSOB uses many of the techniques used by stock exchange listed companies to enable unlisted companies to access up to $5 million in private capital. It is unique to Australia and is becoming known as one of the most innovative private capital-raising systems in the world.  ASSOB recently launched its Secondary Board which is the first of its kind in the unlisted securities sector in Australia.

The Board Equity Portfolio is designed to identify unique board equity, executive director and non-executive director opportunities, sourced exclusively by Kylie Hammond via the private equity and business community. Professionals or executive directors who join the Board Equity Portfolio Program are willing to receive a portion of their salaries or fees in equity or other non-cash payment - combined with other traditional board appointments. 

The Board Equity Portfolio program includes a new executive resume tailored for specific Board Appointments that is suitable for lodgement with the AICD, top-level Board Search consultants and the Board of Directors. The program includes introductions to several top Board Search consultants, lodgement with the Australian Small Scale Offering Board, and top private equity firms for consideration for start-up, new technology, energy, and green technology opportunities. 

The program also includes practice Board interviews, with specific feedback on the interview and improving performance. We partner closely with you to develop your board portfolio, identify upcoming organisations in your chosen field, highlight specific career and business opportunities. We also assist with useful market intelligence and work closely with you through to negotiating and finalising your next major employment opportunity, subsequent board appointments, or expanding your existing board portfolio.

Board Equity Portfolio 

  • Regular private coaching sessions with Board Portfolio Founder Kylie Hammond
  • Exclusive Access to Private Equity & Venture Capital backed opportunities
  • Unique Access to ASSOB Business Sponsors & Private Equity Partners
  • Full Board Resume Profile Development, Corporate Biography and other suitable marketing documents
  • Membership of the Board Portfolio Executive Entrepreneur Club 

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Access to The Board Equity Portfolio is extremely limited and by application only. 

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