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Board Search & Board Advisory Services

Board Portfolio is a world class board search and advisory firm with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. We have developed and maintain an exclusive powerful network of Board candidates that is always an initial source of discussion with our clients, with a focus on the 'new breed' of board director capable of dealing with today's directorship issues and challenges.

We have a highly developed research capacity, excellent contacts and director networks across Boards in Australia, and a reputation for creativity and analytical ability that allows us to identify candidates from 'outside the square'. All of our candidate shortlists will include a diversity of qualified people to encourage the client to consider real options for improving the quality of Board composition. Our Board Search and Board Advisory services are guaranteed. Confidential board search and selection assignments are always handled personally by Board Portfolio's Founder & CEO  Kylie Hammond. Assignments include search and selection for Chairman, Non-Executive Directors, Executive Directors and Advisory Board members.

Our exclusive Board Search services are charged on a set fee basis, which is negotiated with the client prior to commencement. This fee is dependent on the remuneration paid for the position, the scope of search required and the extent of assistance required from Board Portfolio.

Our Board Search and Board Advisory services can range from simply providing a ‘prompt’ list for a Nominating Committee to a full Board Search service with advice on appointment and remuneration. For Not-For-Profit clients we are able to negotiate acceptable fees, in line with their charter. Exclusive terms of business are also offered to Start-Up businesses during the capital raising process.

SPECIAL OFFER: Board Portfolio are proud to provide our board search services free of charge to Not-For-Profit organisations in Australia.  Click through for more information.

With access to over 50,000 board directors, advisory panel members and board investors we guarantee our Board Search and Board Advisory services. For a confidential discussion and more information please email Kylie Hammond or phone 02 9922 6175.

Board Search and Board Advisory - Non-Executive Directors, Board Remuneration

Researching market practice and market rates, monitoring trends and advising on board remuneration are all part of our experience. This Board Search and Board Advisory service can be commissioned by an individual company or can include more general advice about positioning in the market. Leveraging Board Portfolio's extensive range of board director networks, we can match highly experienced Directors with business executives in a mentoring capacity. Our Board Search and Board Advisory services are completely confidential. Please contact for an assessment.

Register for Board Directorships 

Contact us to register for Board Portfolio directorships by submitting your Board Resume via this link; only experienced and qualified Board Directors need apply. All applications treated in the strictest of confidence. Let us do the ground work for you! Our years of extensive experience in Board Search and Board Advisory services will help you land that dream position.

For a confidential discussion and more information please email Kylie Hammond or phone 02 9922 6175.

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