A personal message from the founder of Board Portfolio

After working closely with high-level executives, boards of directors and entrepreneurs, over the past decade, I recognised a growing need for a fresh approach to board search and advisory services. I also came to understand what makes the difference between an adequate board director and an outstanding one.

In response, I founded Board Portfolio, a world-class board management consultancy that specialises in providing a comprehensive range of board services to organisations, and board career management programs to selected individuals.

In the area of board search and advisory we can assist you with a range of issues relating to the composition, operation and improvement of board practices. As a totally independent board consultancy, you can be confident that you are receiving a high-calibre service that is completely objective and confidential. We have developed a powerful network of board candidates for board search offerings, with a focus on the ‘new breed’ of board director who is capable of dealing with today’s directorship issues and challenges.

For talented senior executives seeking a more proactive approach to career and board management, Board Portfolio offers a range of exclusive mentoring programs that can be tailored to an individual’s needs to create a fulfilling and exciting career, and board portfolio. All Board Portfolio programs and services are provided in a highly confidential and professional manner.

If you believe that you, your organisation, or Board of Directors could benefit from our specialist
board search, advisory and CEO mentoring services, I look forward to partnering with you.
Board Portfolio is a board consultancy with the know-how to help leading executives and organisations master the boardroom.

  Kylie Hammond 
Founder | CEO
Board Portfolio


World class board search & advisory services

Board Portfolio
is an independent board consultancy that offers one
of the most comprehensive board management services available in Australia



We focus on the ‘new breed’ of board director capable of dealing with today’s directorship issues and challenges, and have developed an exclusive powerful network of board candidates. We have a highly developed research capacity, and director networks across boards in Australia, plus a reputation for creativity and analytical ability that allows us to identify candidates from ‘outside the square’.

All of our candidate shortlists include a diverse selection of qualified people to encourage our clients to consider real options for improving the quality of board composition.

Board Portfolio is one of Australia’s largest board search organisations and has been involved in board director appointments across national and international organisations, ASX-listed and private companies


Board Advisory

We provide objective assessment and advice to boards on a range of issues and specialise in creating advisory boards for start-up businesses or private equity firms

Board Search

Our approach to board search services focuses on identifying candidates from ‘outside the square’ who can significantly improve the quality and diversity of a board

Board Career Management
Selected individuals can join one of our exclusive mentoring programs that are designed to help individuals manage and take control of their board careers


Liz Wynn MBA | General Manager | Specialist Services

“Kylie thank you. I finally found the right spot for me to make a significant contribution. I have now been with the largest conference organiser for 2 years, promoted 3 times and joined the senior management team last year. I graduated with my MBA last year and finished in the top 3 women for the year which is a great reward. I now know exactly where I am driving and how to get there. I definitely owe this to your mentoring – I was struggling with next steps and gained clarity from your support.”



 World class board search & advisory services


We work with boards across all industries on a range of issues relating to board composition, overall board performance, governance practices and remuneration structures.
Our range of board advisory services includes working with a new board to establish a suitable framework for operations, or partnering with established boards to implement a system to review CEO performance. We also advise on current remuneration practice, and train new board members in essentials of corporate governance and requirements of directorship.

Specialist Advisor to Private
Equity Clients

The quality of a company’s board is of paramount importance during a capital raising process. Board Portfolio is a specialist in identifying value-add, investor non-executive directors, and assembling advisory boards for businesses undertaking a private equity capital raising. 

We have had substantial success in identifying ‘celebrity chair’ directors likely to attract confidence and future investment into the company, and ‘value-add’ non-executive directors who either take an equity stake or invest in the business in terms of financial investment, time or experience. Board Portfolio also provides board of directors’ assessment and renewal, and advice on presenting the right messages to the market during critical early stage capital raising processes.


Simon Ward | Managing Director Tauro Capital Partners

“Kylie Hammond is an amazing professional and part of our investor ready solution here at Tauro Capital Partners. Over the past 18 months she has helped recruit some of the most powerful boards of directors I have ever worked with. Her networks and influence are vast. She is disciplined and her work ethic is only exceeded by her personal integrity. A true gem.”


David French | Chief Executive Officer | Capricorn Investment Partners

“Our rapidly growing financial services company required some changes to the Board of Directors to assist in its next stage of growth. The candidates Kylie has put forward have been, without exception, exactly in line with the brief and even beyond expectation. Not only has Kylie maintained an interest in the company, contacting me now and then with new suggestions; you would have to say that she has become instrumental in forming the shape of our business. She is a no-nonsense joy to work with.”



World-wide board directors appointment


Benefits of a Board Portfolio Mentoring Program


It’s rare for top executives to have a confidant who understands the dilemmas they face on a daily basis. With an independent mentor, you can speak openly and be assured that your discussions will be kept strictly confidential.


The most successful senior executives, CEOs, directors and chairmen proactively manage their careers. Having reached a certain level of seniority, these exceptional individuals ask themselves ‘what’s next?’

Not content to limit themselves to the opportunities available within their organisations, they aspire to enrich their career portfolio with board appointments. Reaching this next level of success takes commitment and focus. Those already well along their board career path know that it requires a clear plan, market intelligence and a substantial network to turn their goals into a reality.

The portfolio approach where your main employment contract or source of income is supplemented by other activities, produces rewarding end results. These can include chair, executive and non-executive board appointments with ASX-listed, private or ASSOB-listed businesses, corporate advisory opportunities, and not-for-profit, sports or arts orientated board engagements, public speaking and thought-leadership opportunities.

Create a plan and be kept accountable
Juggling work and personal commitments can distract you from what you need to do to achieve your board aspirations. A business mentor can help you set your goals and keep you accountable, so that your dreams become a reality.

Establish new networks

A Board Portfolio mentor can help you to leverage both your professional and informal networks as well as establish new ones. We will introduce you to suitable additional contacts and organisations as well as
access the unadvertised job market through our own extensive network.

Objective assessment of your situation
By providing objective feedback about your current strengths and experience, our innovative
Board Portfolio mentoring programs can help you secure your first directorship or assist existing directors looking to expand or manage their existing portfolio of board appointments.

Joining a program

We assist and represent only those who match our stringent criteria, in a highly confidential and professional way. Participation in a Board Portfolio mentoring program is extremely limited and by application only. Only those who want to get serious about their board portfolio, career and business interests need apply. Our programs are also available globally, by special arrangement, in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York, and San Francisco.

CHOOSE A program that suits your needs  Board Portfolio has an extensive range of exceptional and sophisticated mentoring programs – the first of their kind in the Australian market. All the portfolio programs are tailored to an individual’s particular objectives and are very flexible. We work closely with each client to deliver a unique experience. Our founder, Kylie Hammond brings extraordinary levels of passion and commitment, to each and every client engagement. Keep reading to learn more about the Board Portfolio mentoring programs on offer.




Solid gold executive portfolio program


Solid Gold Executive obtain a board  appointment and reach for the sky...

Aimed at talented mid to senior-level executives who are increasingly seeking a more proactive approach to their executive careers, this program is ideal for those wishing to start a board portfolio and secure their first board appointment, but who need expert guidance and assistance. This innovative approach is a market leading, exclusive talent agent and executive career management portfolio program.

With the portfolio approach, your main employment contract or source of income is supplemented by other activity including board appointments, business mentoring, executive coaching, public speaking engagements, business advisory engagements, not-for-profit board appointments, and sports or arts board appointments.


Nancy Mattenberger | Senior Director

““I initially engaged Kylie in 2011 as an executive coach to assist with setting up a successful career plan and rebranding my online profile. I am now working with her to secure my first Board position on an exciting Technology Start up. …Engaging Kylie as an executive coach and Board search consultant is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I highly recommend Kylie to any executive who wishes to successfully take their career to the next level or secure an exciting Board position; there is no one better out there!”

Jennifer Evans | National Manager

“Kylie is a highly skilled Senior Executive coach. She is well networked and has a thorough knowledge of current workplace trends and movements. She is an incisive analyst able to quickly assess an Executive’s career strengths, and strategically position them for future opportunities. I highly recommend her programs and services.”



Platinum & Diamond executive portfolio programs


Platinum Executive Portfolio
success is imminent...

The Platinum Executive Portfolio provides executive mentoring for CEOs who are seeking to obtain board appointments or expand their existing board portfolio. The Platinum Executive Portfolio combined with the elite Executive Intensive Portfolio CEO Program will enable you to reach new heights in your career and business, as well as meet personal challenges.

The ultimate in CEO mentoring programs reserved for exceptional executives who want to proactively manage their board and corporate careers.

Diamond Executive
Portfolio elite mentoring for the modern CEO...

The Diamond Executive Portfolio is our most elite program, partnering with CEOs, chairmen, directors and captains of industry seeking an expansion of an existing board portfolio. Our senior clients are offered an exclusive, invitation-only tailored approach to managing their executive and board careers. 

Kylie Hammond will partner closely with you to develop a comprehensive board portfolio strategy assessment and implementation plan; identify upcoming organisations in your chosen field; highlight specific board appointments; uncover career and business opportunities; and provide access to confidential market intelligence.
A highlight of this amazing and unique program is annual attendance at our CEO Sanctuary with one-on-one private mentoring, entrepreneur guest speakers, and elite business networking with
other Board Portfolio global Diamond Executive Portfolio members.

Siimon Reynolds | Chairman | Director | Moon Corporation

“Kylie Hammond is a world class professional. She has extraordinary business knowledge, tremendous marketing skills and a work ethic which regularly stuns me. I often call upon for her business wisdom and find her to be perceptive and wise council. Equally important, Kylie shows a real core of integrity with everything she does. It’s no wonder she is achieving such extraordinary things in the human resources and high level mentoring space. I recommend her unreservedly.”

Kelvin Hutchinson | Vision in Action Pty Ltd Professional Non-Executive Director

”For over 5 years Kylie Hammond, Principal of Board Portfolio, has assisted me in securing over 5 Board Director roles. During that time Kylie has guided me on how to prepare my corporate biography where to place it on the internet, and most importantly, she has provided critiques of clients before they are introduced to me. …I have been impressed by her ability to open doors, find business opportunities, and liaise with senior management of major companies when it comes to employee needs, talent searches and consulting roles generally.”

Gordon Jenkins | National Partner Wealth Management

“I engaged Kylie at a critical point in my personal and professional career. Kylie’s guidance, advice and intuition from the moment we first met, through determining preferred employers and preparation of my profile has proved invaluable. Specific measurable outcomes - such as gaining employment with an organisation of choice, and ongoing referrals - clearly highlights the value Kylie has added. Kylie is more than a mentor for a new job, she provides the mentor for life that every C-level executive requires.”




Board Equity portfolio program


Board Equity Portfolio achieve greatness and innovation with high growth companies...

The Board Equity Portfolio is designed to identify unique board equity, executive director and non-executive director opportunities, sourced exclusively by Kylie Hammond via the private equity and business community. Board Portfolio is well placed to source these opportunities through an exclusive partnership with the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board.

Whether you are seeking your first Board Appointment or are already an experienced board director wishing to expand your board portfolio, the Board Equity Portfolio Program is for you. The growing trend is for executives to have a portfolio of board appointments, non-executive directorships, director roles, and seek employment that provides a mixture of equity and cash instead of traditional forms of remuneration.

The Board Equity Portfolio Program is designed to provide you with a diverse board portfolio, and can include start-up advisory board appointments, and partnering with private equity firms helping companies raise capital. Being involved with high-growth companies at an early stage can be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.


Stephen Moss | Chairman | Capricorn Diversified Investment Fund

“Kylie did a great job for our organisation, with integrity and real insight into what we needed as a business. Our board is now of a much higher quality and calibre for Kylie’s timely and professional intervention.”

Paul Niederer | CEO | Australian Small Scale Offerings Board

“Kylie gets results and does it in a professional manner. Her extensive contacts and ability to synthesise these into matches for the Board positions we need to fill is highly valued. No hesitation in writing an unqualified recommendation.”



Strictly Entrepeneur portfolio program


Strictly Entrepeneur Portfolio
accelerate your business and gain a competitive advantage today...

Business mentoring for start-up business owners through to seasoned entrepreneurs looking for that all important edge. Our unique programs are delivered by the world’s best - expect results beyond your wildest expectations.

Top executives and business owners know the importance of having a top business mentor by your side. Our Strictly Entrepreneur Portfolio Program encourages and supports leading business owners to make the step up to becoming an entrepreneur, and enhance the skills of successful entrepreneurs to move to even greater heights.

Imagine if you had access to this elite business coaching where Kylie Hammond would share her experience and knowledge. As a leading business mentor and highly successful entrepreneur, Kylie will assist you to reach new heights in your business and show you how to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. We will assist you to clarify your business focus, and improve your business systems and procedures - marketing, sales and staff programs. We will show you how to overcome innumerable challenges and achieve outstanding success through innovation and expansion. Learn how to accelerate your business, become profitable and bottom-line focused, at the same time as improving your business and work life balance.

John Kerby, Chief Financial Officer

“I engaged Kylie to assist with the next phase of my career development after the global financial crisis. I found Kylie to be the consummate professional who was always contactable and provided very prudent advice. Kylie assisted me in securing a new full time position and is still working with me on other areas of my portfolio, mentoring and board appointments. Her professional approach, experience and down to earth attitude reinforced that I made the correct choice when engaging Kylie as my executive career coach. …I would have no hesitation in recommending Kylie to any senior executive who needs assistance or a sounding board in relation to their career or future opportunities be it full-time, part-time, consulting or board appointments.”

Katherine Hamilton, CEO

“Kylie has inspired me to re-imagine my career and to redefine my professional skills and capabilities in the context of today’s market. At a difficult time when my company was downsizing due to the GFC, Kylie’s objective and sage counsel did not detract from her professional respect. Recruitment and executive coaching is a competitive field and I admire the fact that Kylie is a woman business owner striving and succeeding in this business. I wanted to nominate Kylie for the Telstra Business Women’s Award as it is an excellent vehicle to showcase the achievements of Australian women like Kylie Hammond.”


Board Portfolio is an independent board consultancy that offers one of the most comprehensive board management services available in Australia. It specialises in providing board search and advisory services to organisations, and board career management programs to selected individuals. Board Portfolio has the know-how to help leading executives and organisations master the boardroom.





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