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The Diamond Board Portfolio Program is our most elite program partnering with Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen, Boards of Directors, and Captains of Industry seeking a more proactive approach to their Career and Board Portfolio management.

Exclusive, invitation-only tailored approach to managing your Board Portfolio, the Diamond Board Portfolio is an Australian first, a unique Board Management service offered to top executives seeking expansion of an existing board portfolio.

Annual attendance at our CEO Sanctuary is a highlight of this amazing and unique program.

Our senior clients are offered an exclusive, invitation-only tailored approach to managing their executive and board careers. We assist and represent only those who match our stringent criteria, in a highly confidential and professional way.  The portfolio approach encompasses your main employment contract or source of income but supplemented by other activity. 

Elite Mentoring with Chief Executives

For individuals who want to manage, lead and take control of their career, this innovative approach is a market leading, exclusive Board Appointment, Talent Agent & Executive Career Management Portfolio Program.

Kylie Hammond, the Founder of Board Portfolio will  partner closely with you to develop your board and career portfolio, identify upcoming organisations in your chosen field, and highlight specific board appointments, career and business opportunities. 


The Diamond Executive Privileges

  • Annual attendance at Board Portfolio's CEO Sanctuary; prestigious luxury destination chosen each year for one-on-one private mentoring, entrepreneur guest speakers, elite business networking with Board Portfolio's exclusive global Sparkling Diamond members.
  • Exclusive mentor program for Captains of Industry, Chair and CEO-level business executives
  • Private coaching sessions, unprecedented personal access to Kylie Hammond Board Portfolio's Founder
  • Full Board Profile, Executive Resume & Corporate Biography Makeover Service & Extended DISC Personality Assessment
  • Access to confidential market intelligence reports and information that may include competitive salary information, benchmarking information as well as senior executive movements taking place in relevant industries or markets.
  • Membership of the Board Portfolio 'Executive Entrepreneur Club' 

How to Apply For Membership

The Diamond Board Portfolio is not for everyone but is designed for most senior level executives who want to get serious about their board portfolio, career and business interests.  Kylie Hammond, the Founder of the Board Portfolio can take you to the highest level, but only if you are committed to excellence and are ready to go the extra mile.

Only those willing to take positive career action need apply. Access to the Diamond Board Portfolio Program is extremely limited and by application only. Portfolio Programs are available globally in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco provided travel and expenses for Kylie Hammond are paid by portfolio member. 

So if you are a CEO-level business executive, seeking to obtain a board appointment or require exclusive executive coaching and business mentoring, please request a Formal Application by clicking here.

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