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Executive Intensive CEO Program, Plan & Implement Your New Career, Business & Life Now!

Board Portfolio Executive Intensive, Exceptional Executive Coaching Program for CEOs

About the Executive Intensive CEO Program

Exclusive and rare opportunity for exceptional CEOs to receive executive coaching and to spend a day with leading CEO Business Mentor & Board Portfolio Founder, Kylie Hammond on a one-on-one basis concentrating on your Executive Career, Board, Business and Life plan. With 20+ years of experience Kylie is regarded as a leading 'career guru', and brings unique experience in executive coaching for CEOs, and extraordinary levels of passion and commitment to each and every engagement.

Specifically designed to your needs, Kylie will provide you with an excellent action plan by day’s end, a complete 360-degree view of your Career, Board Portfolio, Business, Financial, Health and Life Plan.

Our elite Executive Intensive CEO Program offers exclusive access for one day intensive private coaching that will enable you to reach new heights in your career, and business, as well as meet personal challenges. Obviously an exclusive opportunity like this is only offered to selected applicants.

The numerous benefits of this concentrated career and business coaching are incalculable.

Benefits of the Executive Intensive CEO Program

  • A 360-degree view of your Career, Business, Board Portfolio, Financial, Health and Life Plan
  • Detailed Business or Career Roadmap and Plan
  • Personally designed content, intensive private consultation with Founder, Kylie Hammond
  • Exclusive access to leading experts in key areas to help draw upon essential expertise during the 'intensive' program.
  • Comprehensive Board Portfolio Strategy Assessment & Implementation Plan
  • Exclusive access to Kylie Hammond, whose laser sharp insight and strategic planning experience will enhance your career, board or business portfolio.
  • Membership of the Board Portfolio 'Executive Entrepreneur Club' 

Executive Coaching for CEOs

For selected individuals who want to manage, lead and take control of their career, this innovative approach is a market leading, exclusive Board Appointment, Talent Agent & Executive Career Management Portfolio Program. We partner closely with you to develop your board and career portfolio, identify upcoming organisations in your chosen field, and highlight specific board appointments, career and business opportunities.  As an executive coaching CEO program, useful market intelligence is provided, and we work closely with you through to negotiating and finalising your next major employment opportunity, and subsequent board appointments.

Join the Executive Intensive CEO Program Now!

Can you afford to miss this opportunity?  

Participation in the Executive Intensive CEO Program is by application only and limited to leading CEOs who are committed to excellence and know they have the potential for both business and personal growth.

This executive coaching for CEOs Program is also available globally in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, provided travel and expenses for Kylie Hammond are paid by portfolio member. 

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