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Our Solid Gold Executive Portfolio includes mentoring and coaching, business advisory and board appointment management services. It is aimed at talented mid to senior level executives who are increasingly seeking a more proactive approach to career management.  Our senior clients are offered an exclusive, invitation-only tailored approach to managing their executive careers. We assist and represent only those who match our stringent criteria, in a highly confidential and professional way.  The portfolio approach encompasses your main employment contract or source of income, but supplemented by other activity including; xcvxcv

  • Board Appointments
  • Business Mentoring & Executive Coaching
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Business Advisory & Consulting Engagements
  • Not-For-Profit Board Appointments
  • Sports or Arts Board Appointments
For individuals who want to manage, lead and take control of their career, this innovative approach is a market leading, exclusive Talent Agent & Executive Career Management Portfolio Program. We partner closely with you to develop your career portfolio, identify upcoming organisations in your chosen field, and highlight specific career and business opportunities.  We assist you with useful market intelligence, work closely through to negotiating and finalising your next major employment opportunity, and subsequent board appointments. This program is ideal for the executive wishing to start a Board Portfolio, and secure their first board appointment, but who needs expert guidance and assistance.

Board Appointments

Whether you are seeking your first Board Appointment or are already an experienced Board Director wishing to expand your Board portfolio, the Solid Gold Executive Portfolio is for you. There is a growing trend towards executives having a portfolio of Board Appointments, Non Executive Directorships, Director roles, and seeking employment that provides a mixture of equity (script) and cash instead of traditional forms of remuneration.

Business Mentoring and Coaching

The Solid Gold Executive Portfolio provides unique and innovative mentoring and coaching for individuals who want to manage, lead and take control of their career. What makes our mentoring and coaching unique? For one, Kylie Hammond, the founder is the top executive career coach in the Australia. Her experience in mentoring and coaching is second to none.

Business Advisory

Having a business advisory can provide fact-based insights to executives who are responsible for strategic and day-to-day management of their business. As a business advisory we can assess how well your organisation performs and accelerate your journey to peak performance. Kylie Hammond's expertise in the business advisory space will allow you to find out how well you perform and quantify the costs of not measuring up. Kylie has worked with clients and companies for over twenty years consulting in a business advisory role.

The Value Proposition - Solid Gold Executive Portfolio

Kylie Hammond, the Founder of Board Portfolio, will work with you personally on a variety of challenges that senior clients typically face. Issues are addressed with complete objectivity and without emotional attachment.   The entire program is very flexible, and allows us to put the appropriate level of focus on key areas. If you qualify for the Solid Gold Executive Portfolio, career mentoring and exclusive coaching services that could be addressed include:

  • Creating and executing an executive career change strategy.
  • Reviewing board appointment openings.
  • Identifying suitable employment opportunities and conducting due diligence on companies of interest.
  • Assisting you to leverage both professional and informal networks during your job search.
  • Understanding how to open the door with companies you would love to work with, whether it be as business advisory or consultant position.
  • Developing your Executive Resume, Corporate Profile and other suitable marketing documentation.
  • Preparing for C-level and panel interviews, as well as learning how to interview like a star!
  • Managing market perceptions and industry commentary about your business career to date with future prospective employers.

Solid Gold Executive Privileges

  • Regular private mentoring and coaching sessions, typically 60 minutes in length, with Principal Kylie Hammond, to be held at our offices or via phone or webconference i.e. Skype.
  • Full Executive Resume Makeover Service & Extended DISC Personality Assessment.
  • In between sessions, priority access via phone or email to Kylie Hammond, and full access as required, to assist you with employment and contract negotiations in the final stages of the program.
  • Access to confidential market intelligence reports/information that may include competitive salary information, benchmarking information, as well as senior executive movements taking place in relevant industries or markets. 
  • Membership of the Board Portfolio 'Executive Entrepreneur Club'. 

Initial Consultation & Implementation

Review of Portfolio Approach To Employment. Laying the Foundations & Clarifying the Vision. Topics include logistics of your career or board portfolio, your expectations, review of career goals, expected results, objectives and strategies for key goal areas, critique and review of current role, resume review, values and talents, weaknesses and your ideal job. Second session to include analysis and conclusions from first consultation plus Resume Development for specific opportunities, review presentation and communication skills, and positioning documents.

Contact us now for details of additional advantages of the Solid Gold Executive Portfolio.

How to Apply

The Solid Gold Executive Portfolio is not for everyone but is designed for the mid to senior level executive who wants to get serious about going to the next level. Kylie Hammond can take you there, but only if you are committed to excellence and are ready to go the extra mile. Only those willing to take positive business action need apply. Access to the Solid Gold Executive Portfolio is extremely limited and by application only. Portfolio Programs are available globally in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco provided travel and expenses for Kylie Hammond are paid by the portfolio member.

For mentoring and coaching, business advisory and board appointment management services, please request a Formal Application by clicking here.

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